Specifically, the Agency performs the following functions:

  • Enlightenment of the general public on Government policies, programmes and activities;
  • Mobilization of favourable public opinion and support for Government policies, programmes and activities;
  • Collection, collation, analysis and provision of feedback from the public to Government on its policies, programmes and activities;
  • Establish social institutions and framework for deliberate exposure of Nigerians to democratic norms and values for a virile, peaceful, united, progressive and disciplined society;
  • Arouse the consciousness of all categories of Nigerians to their rights and privileges, responsibilities and obligations as citizens of Nigeria;
  • Propagate and promote the spirit of dignity of labour, honesty and commitment to qualitative production, promotion and consumption of home produced commodities and services;
  • Re-orientate the populace about power, its use and proper role of Government in serving the collective interest of Nigerians;
  • Propagate the need to eschew all vices in public life including corruption, dishonesty, electoral and census malpractice, ethnic parochial and religious bigotry;
  • Mobilize Nigerians for positive patriotic participation in and identification with national affairs and issues; and, Sensitize, induct and equip all Nigerians to fight against all forms of internal and external domination of resources by a few individuals or groups.
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