The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has reassured Nigerians that the present administration is laying a solid foundation for delivering on the social contract with the people urging them to keep faith with the government despite the temporary challenges facing the nation.

In a New Year message, the Director General of the NOA, Dr. Garba Abari said that the government is committed to delivering on the mandate and expectations of the people in 2018 explaining that the hardship occasioned by the recent disruption of fuel supply in the country and the side effect of a recessed economy were temporary challenges which the government is dealing with steadily.

He however appealed to Nigerians to continue to make their contribution as individuals and groups towards building a strong nation with a strong economy that will take care of the problem of its people.

According to Abari, “what the government needs from Nigerians is our continued faith, goodwill, support and prayers so that the challenges we are faced with are solved permanently. let us look forward to 2018 with renewed hope and expectation because the government has shown great resolve to ensure a better nation for us all. ”

While praying for a good and fulfilling 2018, the Director General called on Nigerians to usher in the new year with a renewed hope and expectation with a fresh orientation of service, patriotism, tolerance. He specifically asked the youth and other citizens to be law abiding and peaceful in their conducts.

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