As regards to the continuous increased number of covid-19 cases in the country, and especially, the report of a second covid-19 case in Benue, the Benue State Director Mr Richard Abimiku Audu and his team of staff, Mr Mark Ucha Dewua (Asst Director PRS) and Dooshima Sandra Upev (PRO) paid advocacy visits to Banks around Makurdi metropolitan, to emphasise on the dangers of customers clustering around banks, waiting to be attended to.

While appealing to Mr. Ikechukwu, the operation Branch Manager First Bank Otukpo road, the State Director observed that although efforts of the Bank to prevent the spread of covid-19 are noticeable, the crowd at the bank calls for serious concern. Mr. Richard Abimiku Audu, particularly, expressed worry that with a new case reported in the state, there is the need for all hands to be on deck to prevent its spread. He further advised that one of the ways to reduce the crowd at banks is to ensure that more hands are at the counter to hasten up transactions so that customers will not have to hang around for longer hours, putting themselves at unnecessary risk. He also encouraged the Management to ensure physical distancing of customers at the Bank premises, disapproving of the situation at the point of entry. In response, Mr. Ikechukwu appreciated the role of NOA, also stating measures the bank has adopted, which include compulsory use of masks for all staff and customers, and maintaining physical distance of customers inside the bank premises.

In another instance, the State Director commended the management staff of United Bank for Africa (UBA) Mr Hiĺary Abum and Agness Omenka for the orderliness maintained at the bank premises. However, the State Director reiterated that physical distancing of customers be sustained, and the use of masks made compulsory for all staff and customers, while, also, maintaining basic and proper hygiene to prevent the spread of covid-19 in the State.

Mr. Richard Abimiku Audu, further encouraged the Banks’ Management, if in need of more hands, not hesitate to use the NOA’s WAI BRIGADE, who voluntarily are disposed to rendering assistance in areas of crowd control and maintaining orderliness at public places. Their assistance at the bank during this critical period, the Director maintained, will help to check the clustering of customers outside the gates, which is a serious challenge and poses a threat to possible multiple infections.

The WAI BRIGADE are, therefore, to resume assisting duties with the banks with immediate effect as directed by the State Director.

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