The National Orientation Agency (NOA) in line with its mission to reorient, sensitize and mobilize the citizens to act in ways that encourage, promote and support local production and services organized a two – day stakeholders’ interactive forum/exhibition with the theme: “Promoting local production and services to boost National Economic Development”

The campaign designed to provide a platform for discussion and interaction between producers and users is in recognition of the worrisome fact that Nigeria has over the decades depended on petroleum for income generation while other high income sectors such as agriculture, solid minerals, manufacturing, arts, and culture and more have not been given the requisite priority attention. For Nigeria to be self – sufficient and bridge the unemployment gaps, deliberate attention should be given to our local production of goods and their accompanying value chain. Director – General, NOA,

Garba Abari, in his remarks during the programme, called on Nigerians to prioritize the diversification of our economy by focusing on our local production sectors to generate more manpower and increase our revenue. He stressed that NOA will continue to “propagate and promote the spirit of dignity of labor, honesty and commitment to qualitative production, promotion and consumption of home produced commodities and services”

It is the expectation of the Agency that this stakeholders’ engagement will lead to a deliberate shift in the behaviors of Nigerians from idolizing foreign products, to valuing and preferring Made in Nigeria products. NOA continue to call on Nigerians to always patronize our locally made products and services.

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