As Nigeria marks the 2018 Children’s Day, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) appeals to Nigerians to make concerted efforts at permanently resolving the recurrent security challenges in the country in order to bequeath a peaceful nation to our children.

Director General of NOA, Dr. Garba Abari made the call in a Children’s Day message to Nigerians, adding that the best gift a people can give to posterity is a peaceful, safe and prosperous society where they can thrive.

He noted that although Nigerian children are creative, innovative and second to none in the world, they cannot attain their full potentials in an environment ridden with insecurity and uncertainties. He therefore appealed to all those behind the recent waves of violence in parts of the country to have a rethink and rather contribute to building the kind of society they would desire for their own children to inherit.

The NOA Chief Executive however urged Nigerian children to shun social vices and behaviours capable of hindering the achievement of their dreams. While wishing Nigerian children a successful 2018 Children’s Day celebration, Abari urged Nigerian parents to use the Day to reflect on their contribution towards the overall development of the Nigerian child and recommit themselves to molding good children and a better society.

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