Today, the newly appointed Director General, Lanre Issa-Onilu, held a crucial meeting with the dedicated staff to outline his vision for steering the mission and mandate of The National Orientation Agency.

He recognizes the remarkable work The National Orientation Agency has accomplished, often without due acknowledgment. However, he also emphasized the need for The National Orientation Agency to do more as Mr. President is determined to unite Nigerians in their love for the country and ensure that the government operates transparently and efficiently. Rest assured, the government will fulfill its part.

Exciting changes are on the horizon as The National Orientation Agency is gearing up to launch programs that will reaffirm its rightful place. Employee welfare will be a top priority to ensure diligent execution of duties, and addressing promotion backlogs will enhance operational efficiency.

Director General Issa-Onilu aims to instill professionalism across the workforce. This includes improving equipment, tools, and training opportunities to bridge organizational gaps effectively.Moreover, accessible channels will be established for all staff to connect with him, enriching the quality of work.

In closing, he urged The National Orientation Agency to remain committed to its duties, emphasizing that the country now needs The National Orientation Agency more than ever before.

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