Programme Name

National Festival of Tolerance and Peaceful Co Existence

Programme Duration/End of First Phase

5 Years (2022 - 2027)

What is the National Festival of Tolerance and Peaceful Co Existence Program?

The National Festival of Tolerance and Peaceful Co-existence Program is an initiative designed by National Orientation Agency (NOA) in collaboration with UNESCO with activities that present a unique period for inclusivity of all ethnicities, religions, gender, and social statuses in Nigeria. It is common place for people to unconsciously hold implied and unspoken biases that affect how they think or feel about others from different ethnicities. These unconscious biases are the primary reason our society may appear to reflect the absence of inclusion of diversity in our growing democracy.

Therefore, the festival is essential to prime the minds of Nigerians annually on the need to respect, accept and appreciate our diversities while creating an inclusive system necessary for national development.

It will remind us of the importance of our collective diversities, shared history, distinctive cultures, and blessed land of natural resources, the potential of interstate commerce, significant human capital, and national values.

Future generations will celebrate “TEAM NIGERIA” as a product of the inclusion of diversities as we promote our impact-oriented programs and publicly recommend and support policies that provide equal access to opportunities and resources irrespective of tribe, religion, gender, and social status.

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As a developing nation: Nigeria cannot develop economically, improve its people’s living
conditions or raise its gross domestic product growth, develop and grow its domestic
investment capacity, and attract foreign direct investment in an environment plagued by
security challenges. Threats to life of citizens and residents pose a grave danger to turning
our cosmopolitan cities and our once peaceful rural communities into ghost towns.

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