Impressed by the list of initiatives being championed by the National Orientation Agency (NOA) to restore Nigeria’s core values, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has thrown its weight behind the agency.

Accordingly, the agency is partnering with NANS in its renewed efforts to reawaken the consciousness of the Nigerian youth to positive values and attitudinal change in accordance with the country’s national core values.

Receiving NANS’ team in his office on Friday, Director-General of the agency, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, said the visit was timely at this particular moment in our nation building process.
He recalled the efforts of the present administration, saying the government is making concerted efforts to rebuild the nation’s economic and patriotic fortunes.

According to NOA’s Director-General, the agency places huge importance and value on the association, which he described as a body of the Nigerian youth with the capacity to serve as role models to others in the society.

Speaking on adoption of the second stanza of the National Anthem as our national prayer, Mallam Isa Onilu emphasised the need to pay cognizant attention to the last statement, “To build a nation, where peace and justice shall reigñ .”

According to him, the partnership between NOA and NANS will serve as the platform to convey programmes, policies and activities of the government to campuses in accordance with NOA’s mandate, a move he said had already started with the agency’s campus “FOCUS” on Nigerian campuses.

The DG disclosed that many other initiatives for the promotion of national values and development by the current administration are underway, adding that the National Value Charter will be launched very soon.
The charter harps on seven promises of the country to citizens and the necessity for citizens to be patriotic.

He said NANS would be fully involved in NOA’s national re-orientation moves as he disclosed that a new app known as The Mobiliser meant to showcase government policies, programmes and activities will be launched soon.
He also disclosed that the app would consist of quiz questions on activities of the government and also educate and inform Nigerian youths on what the government is doing to motivate the Nigerian youths and citizens to get engaged with the app as freebies will be given to winners.
Led by NANS Senate President, Ekundina Segun Elvis, the team said it recognised NOA’s widespread platforms for national orientation across the country.
According to Elvis, the agency’s dedication to national development and commitment to the promotion of our core values as well as its constant engagement in public enlightenment and campaigns, have had significant impacts and hence, NANS’ decision to partner with NOA.

Paul Odenyi,
Deputy Director, Press.

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