PHOTNEWS: In a bid to manage the post-election situation that has a lot of implication for the stability and peace in the country, the National Orientation Agency in partnership with International Alert Nigeria held a meeting today with media heads, with the aim of interacting and setting up an agenda towards building post-election stability and peaceful atmosphere in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, Director – General, NOA, Dr. Garba Abari explained that managing post-election situation and sustaining the peace and stability in the country are essential for nation development. It is at a time like this that patriots, elder statesmen and women, men and women of goodwill who put country over self must rise up to be counted. Reasonable voices should be counted on the side of moderation and temperate conversation. We must all be sensitive and circumspect in the things that we say, write or show on our screens. ‘I call on the major stakeholders in the political events that are unfolding to rein-in their key supporters’, he added.

The DG NOA therefore called for all insulting narratives that characterized the campaigns to cease on all sides while explaining that this is a period for building bridges of understanding across the divide.
The meeting had in attendance representatives from various media organizations.

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