The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has perfected plans for awards to recognize and celebrate exemplary Nigerians who distinguish themselves in promoting peaceful coexistence, brotherliness and religious tolerance in the nation.
Six States out of the 36 States of the Federation have also been identified to receive awards for their friendliness to visitors and dwellers.
The award, tagged “Bridge Builders Awards” and organized in collaboration with Love to the World Initiative, a non-governmental organization, aims at encouraging Nigerians across tribal, religious and political affiliations to contribute meaningfully to the progress of Nigeria. It further aims at appealing to the conscience of Nigerians to embrace peace and brotherliness, by emulating individuals who have been exemplary in that regard.
There are elements which desire to badly fracture our nation along religious and ethnic lines and make it difficult for us to work together as one for corporate growth and prosperity. We must undermine the forces of discord by promoting harmony, hence the organization of this award.
The award will also afford the organizers the opportunity to send messages of peace across the nation. Nigerians are urged to espouse positive virtues of peacefulness, tolerance and patriotism to stand a chance of being identified for the award as the organizers were on the look-out to celebrate Nigerians with the right values.

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