As part of efforts to create awareness on the benefits of diversification of the economy for National development, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) have entered into a strategic partnership to encourage Nigerians especially the youth to go into Poultry business as a preferred alternative to white collar jobs and to meet national policy of an egg a day for Nigerian child.
The Director- General of NOA, Dr.Garba Abari and the President of the PAN, Ezekiel Ibrahim formalized the partnership at the Agency’s headquarters yesterday when official of the two bodies met in Abuja.
According to Abari, the partnership will help to encourage Nigerians especially the teeming unemployed youths which constitute 60 per cent of our population to go into livestock production as a means of checking the spread of cancer and other diseases in the country.
According to him the promotion of the business of the poultry farmer will dissuade youths from entering paid employment which is not even available now, instead promote a diversification of the economy to broaden foreign exchange earnings.  He said that the country over the years have depended on the oil income which has created a huge deficit in the infrastructural  amenities stating for rapid growth and development of the youths must be included in diversification of economy plan for sustainability.
The Director General said NOA is a willing partner in the task of creating awareness on agriculture policy of the present administration adding that it has already started the campaign of promoting the ”Eat What You Grow and Grow What You Eat “ and the patronage of Made in Nigeria goods for national development.
The NOA boss said the Agency has a number of robust platforms for dissemination of government policies and programmes with a wide outreach including engagement with the youth on the social media.
The President of PAN earlier said the visit was for familiarization of the NOA as key player and its critical role in the propagation of government policies and programmes for national development. He said that with the diversification policy of the present administration, poultry production should be encouraged among Nigerians especially  the youths which will also serve as an income earnings and reduce unemployment in the country.

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