The National Orientation Agency (NOA), in partnership with Farmers Club International and Green Eco Innovative Solution, has commenced a one-year program aimed at addressing food security in Nigeria through climate adaptation. The program is designed to pilot an international leadership agenda and will involve various activities to promote agricultural practices that are resilient to climate change. This partnership underscores the commitment of the NOA, Farmers Club International, and Green Eco Innovative Solution to address the challenges posed by climate change and food insecurity in Nigeria.

In her keynote address, Mrs. Esther Akor, Assistant Director at the National Orientation Agency (NOA), representing Garba Abari, Director General of the NOA, expressed her appreciation for the partnership between NOA and Farmers Club International in tackling food security in Nigeria. She noted that this partnership is in line with one of NOA’s agricultural initiatives, “Grow What We Eat,” and commended Farmers Club International for their efforts in encouraging the participation of Nigeria’s youthful population in agriculture and the value chain, thereby creating livelihoods. Mrs Akoh added that the collaboration will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the achievement of the agency’s goals in the agricultural sector.

The keynote address by the president of Farmers Club International, Mr Kehinde Olusegun Garienl, emphasized the importance of agriculture in Nigeria, both as a means of ensuring food security and as a source of economic empowerment and wealth creation. The speaker appealed to all stakeholders to adopt an accelerated agricultural revolution with climate sensitivity, as this would be key to Nigeria’s greatness. The address also highlighted the need to view agriculture not as a developmental issue, but as a business, and encouraged the development of agribusiness with a value chain. Farmers Club International, a business club with aims and objectives focused on agribusiness networking, social networking, personality networking, meetings, and religion networking, and has representatives in some African countries, Europe, and America.

The program brought together stakeholders in the agricultural in the agricultural sector with the aim of raising awareness on the need for youth to participate in agriculture and its value chain.

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