Kwarans and indeed Nigerians have been called upon to take proper ownership of public infrastructures and assets in their domains. This was  the message of  State Director, NOA Kwara State, Mr. Olusegun Adeyemi to the general public on a Radio Programme at sobi FM, Ilorin ”Oro Ilu” on the 15th of May, 2018.
He asserted that public properties such as pipe borne water, street light, electric transformers, buildings, religious centres, railways, roads, gas and pipelines are for public use and it is our responsibility to preserve and protect them from vandals, hooligans and thieves. Mr. Adeyemi urged citizens to have positice attitude towards proper maintenance and protection of public infrastructure to prevent government spending huge resources on repairs and reconstructions. He urged the citizens not to condone any act of theft or vandalisation in their domain by reporting to the nearest authority i.e. police station if any of such is observed.
Furthermore, he called on  organizations and individuals to know and understand  the appropriate way of using and  displaying the National Symbols such as Presidential portrait,  National flag , the coat of arm.etc
In his closing remark, he placed emphasis on the need for every citizen of voting age to obtain permanent  voter’s card. And to be good ambassadors of the country by embracing a positive attitude and high  moral standards

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