National Orientation Agency (NOA) Bauchi State Directorate has urged the NOGALSS Local Government Coordinators in the 20 local government areas of the State to promote adults education and skills acquisition training
in their locality as there could be thousands illiterates men and women in addition to many primary and secondary drop out children.
The called was made by the State Acting Director of the Agency Alhaji Nuru Yusuf Kobi while addressing the Coordinators of NOGALSS in an interactive session at NUT House Bauchi. NOGALSS is a Non-Governmental Association for Literacy Support Services, it’s the umbrella body for all NGOs in the delivery of literacy and non formal education in Nigeria, and a broad coalition of all the Civil Society Organizations working to complement government efforts at Federal, State, and Local Government in the eradication of illiteracy in Nigeria.
Alhaji Nuru Kobi reiterated that literacy is the backbone of every meaningful development, because it’s the determining factor in the advancement of any individual, community and the society at large, for Nigeria to move forward illiteracy must be eradicated to certain degree level, Nigeria can’t advance economically without advancing technologically, and we cannot advance our technological base without advancing the literary level of our population, we are now living in a digital era therefore, we must be digital ourselves.
The NOA Boss expressed the Agency’s readiness to join hands with NOGALSS to promote adults literacy and skills acquisitions training in Bauchi State.

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