The National Orientation Agency (NOA) continues its effort in building a more peaceful and united Nigeria through a media parley held in Lagos at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja. This meet-up follows the NOA’s engagements in Abuja and Kano, all aimed at building national cohesion and peace in Nigeria.

Speaking at the programme, Dr. Garba Abari explained that it is not unusual for some individuals to feel dissatisfied after any election, especially when only one candidate can win at a time. However, the current situation in which more than one political party is claiming victory holds ominous signs for the polity if not delicately managed.

Given the NOA’s mandate for building national cohesion, the Director-General saw it fit to host the media Heads to enlist their support for moderation and conflict sensitivity reportage of the unfolding events after the declaration of a winner at the Presidential elections. He emphasized the need for temperate, conflict-sensitive, and moderate conversations so that followers of various political parties are not incited to violence.

The Director-General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) highlighted managing Nigeria’s diversity as one of the country’s challenges, especially during national elections. He commended Nigerians for the reduction in election violence, stating that the 2023 election will be remembered as one of the least violent in Nigeria’s history, thanks to the people’s adoption of non-violence as part of the country’s social creed.

Garba Abari emphasized that Lagos is a significant state in Nigeria, with advanced political, commercial, and media environments. Despite managing its vast diversities for years, it was unfortunately one of the flashpoints of violence during the last election, which is not the Lagos that people admire.

The NOA aims to promote national cohesion by encouraging leaders, the government, and media to promote tolerance, unity, non-violence, peace, and stability. All stakeholders have a responsibility to sustain peace, and reasonable voices should advocate for moderation and sensitivity in speech and action. The NOA urges political stakeholders to control their supporters and calls on patriots to put the country’s interests first.

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