The history of election in the country has revealed many hindrances or incidences that usually mar the outcome of election.  One major factor that seems very incongruous among such impediments is the issue of void votes. Void votes do not only amount to waste of time and efforts on the part of the electorate but is also a major setback  for candidates in an election especially those who might emerge as winners in elections.  Also, it has been observed that the issue of void votes is still on the high side as seen in successive elections. This has been attributed to ignorance, illiteracy and lack of political education on the part of  voters. It is on this premise that the agency (NOA) went round the nooks and crannies  of the 33 Local Government Areas of the State to sensitise the public, specifically the electorate, ahead  of the 2019 general elections on how to vote correctly and make their votes count.


  • To reduce the number of invalid or void votes to the barest minimum
  • To ensure that voters know and master the party logos and symbols
  • To educate voters on how to properly thumb-print, fold and drop their ballot papers without wasting votes.
  • To educate voters on the multiple effects of void votes.


The programme adopted sensitisation, lecture, demonstration and drama  to drive home the point and guide prospective electorates ahead of the  2019 general election.


1 Irepo 17th January 2019 Iba Palace Traditional Rulers, Market Men and Women and Political Leaders
2 Ogbomoso North 17th Jan, 2019 Parrot FM Oke Baby Ogbomoso Voters, Politicians, Community Leaders, and Religious Leaders
3 Ogbomoso South 17th Jan, 2019 Olugbami Osekun Hall Ogbomoso Artisans, NURTW, Market Men and Women
4 Afijio 17th Jan. 2019 Trailer Motor Mechanics Elekara Prospective Electorate
5 Saki East
17th Jan, 2019


Information Center

Ago Amodu

Traditional Rulers, Community Leaders and Artisan
6 Olorunsogo
17th Jan, 2019


Community Town Hall Igbeti Traditional Chiefs Local Govt. Functionaries, INEC, Stakeholders
7 Egbeda  

17th Jan, 2019
Bola Ige International Market Gbagi, Ibadan Pol. Parties Leaders, Artisans, Religious Leaders and Public
8 Surulere
17th Jan, 2019


Council Secretariat Iresaadu All existing Political Parties Leaders and Followers
9 Ido
17th Jan, 2019


Omi-Adio Market Politicians, Artisans, Traders. And Community people
10 Ona Ara
17th Jan, 2019
ACCOMORAN Office Opp. First Bank CDC,NURTW, ACCOMORAN, League of Imams etc.
11 Ibarapa East
17th Jan, 2019


NULGE Hall, Eruwa All election Stakeholders








17th Jan, 2019
Olomi Market Ibadan Political Party Members, CDC. Market men and women
13 Atiba  

17th Jan, 2019
Atiba Div. Police Station Akinlemu Atiba Local Government  and Sooro LCDA
14 Ibadan North
17th Jan, 2019
Local Government Hall Election Stakeholders
15 Ibarapa North
17th Jan, 2019
Igangan Town Hall Politicians, Traditional and Religious Leaders
16 Ibadan South East
17th Jan, 2019


  All Election Stakeholders
17 Itesiwaju
17th Jan, 2019
Former Otu Police Station Hall,

Otu-Okada Road

Politicians, NURTW, Religious   Traditional Rulers


18 Oriire
17th Jan, 2019
Jegbe Town Hall Ikoyi Ile NURTW, ACCOMORAN, CDC,NCWS NSCDC, Police and  Traditional Rulers
19 Iseyin
17th Jan, 2019
City Hall, Iseyin General Public
20 Ibarapa Central
17th Jan, 2019


Igboora Town Hall NUT, Artisan, NULGE Community Leaders, Security Officers


Saki               West 17th Jan. 2019 Artisan Association Building Okesuna Saki Security Offices, Politicians, Artisan and Trade Groups
22  Oyo East
17th Jan, 2019


17th Jan, 2019


Artisan Association Building Okesuna Saki Security Officers Politicians, Artisans and Trade Groups
23 Ogo Oluwa High Chiefs Alepini Court Yard Apinni Oyo Traditional, religious and Community leaders, NCWS, NURTW RTEAN and Trade Groups.
17th Jan, 2019


Town Hall, Tede Politician, Artisans, NURTW, ACCOMORAN, Youth, Trade Unions
25 Ibadan North West 17th Jan, 2019 Old Hall Ibadan North West, Onireke CDC,  Artisan NATA, Politicians NCWS
26  Oorelope 17th Jan, 2019 Bayo Ojerinle Hall Oke Afin, Igboho Security agents, Politicians market men and women Traditional chiefs, NURTWs, Artisans
27 Akinyele 17th Jan, 2019 Local Got. Hall All Stakeholders
28 Lagelu 17th Jan, 2019 Hall/Shed. Traditional Junction Ejioku Traditional Comm. And Religious Leaders, NURTW, Artisans
29 Ibadan South West 17th Jan, 2019 Oritamerin Market Security agents, NURTW, ACCOMORAN, Artisan and Traders
30 Iwajowa 17th Jan, 2019 Shabiganna Hall Iganna Traditional Religious Community Leaders, security agents, NURTW and  NATA etc.
31 Oyo West 17th Jan, 2019 Multipurpose Hall Oyo West Ojongbodu Traditional rulers religious leaders, Artisans, trade groups


32 Ibadan North East 17th Jan., 2019 Ibadan North East Multipurpose Hall, Iwo road Security Offices, Politicians, Artisan and Trade Groups
33 Kajola 17th Jan., 2019 Okeho Town Hall, Okeho NURTW, ACCOMORAN, CDC,NCWS NSCDC, Police and  Traditional Rulers



– Void vote is a waste of time, efforts and resources

– Void vote is avoidable

– Void vote serves no one

– Each person’s vote must count


KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR: The people’s enthusiasm and robust discussion that was spurned by the programme on the part of participants were a strong indication of high performance of the programme.

TIMELINESS –The programme is timely as there is a need for continuous sensitisation and education of the electorates for a successful election.

EXPECTED OUTCOME: With the large turnout of participants especially the leaders of political parties, it is expected that prospective voters in various quarters will be better informed. It is also expected that incidences of void votes in the next polls will be reduced to the barest minimum.

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