Nigeria as a nation is plaque with several challenges. However, the major challenges facing the country since 2007 that tend to defy all solutions until the coming of President Buhari is that of insecurity posed by Boko Haram insurgency that tend to take its roots from religious intolerance, to content the recurrence of this menace all the time, there is the need for Stakeholders to seat down from time to time and come up with programmes on social awareness that would address religious intolerance in our various communitlies that is made up of people from diverse religious beliefs and preach the need for us to be living together in peace rather than in constant hostility, there should be mutual toleration between the various religious beliefs or groups, ideologies or outlooks.
People coexist within each other is bound to face challenges emanating from different interests, from different persons, but the ability to handle such interests from different people in a peaceful means through negotiations between them is what really matters. Equal rights, mutual understanding and trust between the various religious beliefs must be observed, noninterference in the internal affairs of the various religious beliefs, enhancing friendship and cooperation among peoples of various communities or groups, to cherish the value of love and non-aggression, kindness and peace should be preach rather than tolerance.
The aforementioned factors are what was identified during the brainstorming of the stakeholders meeting that should be the talk about in addition to the use of hate speeches by the various groups or sects during preaching or sermons. It was unanimously agreed that a committee of five should be nominated to fashion out or come up with a programme on a public awareness campaign to be carry out in the state, the following were nominated:- Acting Director NOA Bauchi state, Chief Imam Bauchi central Mosque, CAN Chairman Bauchi State, Representative of the Hon.Commissioner Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Relation, HOD Crisis Management and Conflicts Resolution NSCDC.
The committee is charged with the responsibility of coming up with a programme on public awareness campaign on Religious Tolerance and the need for peaceful coexistence in Bauchi state, participants should be drawn from the religious bodies, academia, traditional leaders, law enforcement Agencies, Students Unions, NURTW, Women Organisations, Humanitarian Organisations, Voluntary Organisations, Political Parties, SEMA, Media Organisations, Artisans and traders Association to mentioned but few. The campaign would run across Bauchi State.

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